Xtreme Life Battery Cable Converter

Xtreme Life Battery Cable Converter – A1028B

With this cable you can convert your 30 day battery Xtreme Life Hidden Camera to a 90 day system. This cable lets you quickly retro fit to the 90 day battery (A1029).



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Covert the A1029 Xtreme Life 90 Day Battery and Replace Your 30 Day Battery with More Power.

  • Converts USB to DC.
  • A1028B adapts Xtreme Life 90 Day Battery (#A1028 and #1029) to previous Xtreme Life Models.
  • Upgrade Accessory for Xtreme Life Hidden Cameras.

Xtreme Life 90 Day Battery – Click Here

Notes: A1029 Sold Separately


Xtreme Life DVR can be set up in 5 simple steps.

It helps to have your TV user’s manual nearby since you may need to change video input on the TV used for initial set-up.1. Take the unit from box and ensure you have received all included items.
2. Open the device to insert the memory card into the memory card slot and connect the battery, turning it on after the connection is made.
3. To confirm the device is ready, connect the provided video cable from the unit to your TV video input and create motion in front of the camera to see a live video feed and make a sample recording.
4. Your device is now ready to be placed in the area of desired surveillance.
5. Default recording setting is PIR detection. Once the power is turned on and the device recognizes the memory card, the DVR will begin to record based on PIR detection(see note below).

Special Note about PIR (Passive Infrared) Technology:

Each Xtreme Life™ DVR has a built in PIR sensor that detects levels of infrared radiation, the use of which makes the battery life so long. Everything emits some level of radiation. The hotter an object is the more radiation it emits. Changes in radiation levels are considered as motion by the DVR, which will then turn on and begin to record. The PIR sensor requires very little power, so the DVR will be off even though the PIR sensor is still detecting radiation. When the PIR detects a change in radiation, the DVR will turn on and begin to record. The DVR takes approximately 3 seconds to turn on and start recording.

Zone Shield 4K DVRs use a Menu Setting App to customize the user’s camera settings. Follow the steps and diagram below to set up your Zone Shield 4K Camera settings using the Menu Setting App.


Download Zone Shield & Xtreme Life 4K Manual with Scheduling
Download Zone Shield & Xtreme Life 4K Manual without Scheduling
Download 4K Menu Settings Update For Windows And MAC

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