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  • Designed by TSCM countersurveilance professionals and will protect you against all types of eavesdropping when used in correspondence with the recommendations.
  • Employs a new approach to the problem of conversation protection.
  • Uses a new, speech-like noise which, in the most of cases, has proven to be more efficient when compared to white noise.
  • The noise has been ‘compiled’ using real human conversations and is similar to the noise of a ‘rabble’ in busy public places. This type of noise is the most  effective when creating interference to voice recorders and listening devi- ces, especially when the size of the protective device is critical.
  • Is a portable, cigarette-pack sized device which can easily be transported in a pocket or a small bag.
  • Has been specifically designed for situations when the safety of conversations is extremely important on the one hand, and on the other hand the protective device should be as small as possible to allow easy transportation while not giving away your intentions.
  • As the Rabbler is always nearby, it can easily be taken out and used anytime with the slightest chance of any information leakage.

Kinds of listening devices rendered useless by the NG3000 “Rabbler” 

  • Voice recorders

  • Radio microphones

  • GSM/3G “bugs”

  • Body-carried video cameras – watches, ties, etc. (jamming of acoustics)
  • Wired microphones

  • Any other type of audio surveillance

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