Omnidirectional Speaker for White Noise Generator



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Creating audio noise in the voids/cavities increases the general level of protection by preventing such kinds of listening as:

  • Listening with the help of a wall stethoscope placed behind the construction adjacent to cavity (typically from a top floor behind the drop ceiling)
  • Leakage of sound outside the target room through the void/cavities (for example, through the ventilation or common holes for the pipes of heating system)
  • Bringing a wired microphone to a void or cavity
  • Hiding a covert surveillance device in a void or cavity
  • 1 x SP2300 speaker per every 100 feet

The SP2300 speaker, when connected to a iProtect white noise generator, will create efficient interference to all of the mentioned kinds of eavesdropping. The DNG-2300 is the recommended white noise generator for the SP2300. 

Since the SP2300 is assembled from 3 speakers, each of them can be used separately for smaller voids. The output has adjustable volume and can feed up to 12 speakers simultaneously.


Buy a kit with DNG2300 white noise Generator,  Omni masking speaker and Transducer the DNG2300-4 Kit or the DNG2300-8 Kit